Dziennik Obserwatora
Diary of a Beholder

A CO-PRODUCTION with Jarosław Migoń and grafiQa Elżbieta Migoń (POLAND). Art documentary about Jacek Sroka.


directed byJarosław Migoń
CastJacek Sroka, Marzena Sroka, Melania Sroka, Zuzanna Kamykowska, Motion Trio...
MusicMarcin Gałażyn
director of photographyPiotr Trela
Date of production2017
Duration62 '
LanguagePolish (subtitles French, English, Chines)
Stills from the movie

The film shows twelve days in the life of Jacek Sroka. The story is based on the diary, or rather, an anti-diary of the artist, mixing the artistic with the intimate; distance with proximity; the imagined with the supposed. The world of the artist's paintings and his personal life permeate each other, while privacy in his work gains universal value.


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